Coronavirus: judicial haro on China

Taking China to court is itching more than one in the rest of the world. But that's easier said than done, judging by a few recent initiatives. The International Criminal Court (ICC), located in The Hague, has just received several complaints. Its field of jurisdiction being limited to the worst of the worst, from war crimes to genocide, it is then necessary to enlarge the line, even to fall into conspiracy.

“Biological manipulation”

Perfect in the role of the Gallic rooster, the lawyer Frederik-Karel Canoy, more used until now to play the stock market troublemaker within the CAC 40. His complaint on behalf of a retired engineer, filed at the end of April against the leaders Chinese, initially aimed at “endangering the lives of others” and the “dissemination of false news”, very French crimes but irrelevant before the ICC, simple reply to a parallel complaint filed in Paris against X and aimed indirectly French public authorities. The one against China also points to

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