Disgusting and life-threatening: She deliberately coughed on food at the store

A small shop in Hanover, Pennsylvania, was caught on Wednesday by a mistress who sprayed her saliva and mucus on groceries.

gerrity supermarket, shelves, food

Gerrity's Supermarket

After the food was withdrawn, the shelves were empty for some time.

Without restraint, she barked like a jailer. After bread, meat, fruits and vegetables. Sellers stopped her quickly and threw her out of the store, but the damage was done.

Co-owner of Gerrity's Supermarket Joe Fasula reported that all contaminated and possibly contaminated food was discarded for health reasons, and the shelves and premises were properly cleaned. The damage is for $ 35,000. They hope to get some money back from the insurer.

Was the female infected with coronavirus? Probably not, but the results of the test are not yet known. It was a “quarter freak”, an “old police acquaintance” who often caused problems for residents and property owners. The police tracked her down and handed her over to the doctors. The hearing and sentence follow.

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Source: novice.svet24.si

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