Gale Janshi: Why didn't you respond when I wanted to inform you about irregularities on April 15?

Ministers are preparing reports on purchases of protective equipment, which the government is expected to address on Wednesday, while Ivan Gale took to Twitter to announce that he wanted to inform Prime Minister Janez Jansa in mid-April.

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Ivan Gale wanted to inform the Prime Minister Janez Jansa about the irregularities as early as mid-April.

After being a Slovenian whistleblower Ivan Gale in Prime Minister Tarc revealed irregularities in the purchase of protective equipment Janez Janša ordered ministers to submit by Tuesday a report on how the purchases were made. The government is set to address the latter on Wednesday.

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Gale, however, took to social media to tweet at the Prime Minister's record that the target was “fake news.” He stated that he wanted to talk to Jansa about the irregularities as early as mid-April. “Dear Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia. This is not fake news. I made contact with the target team of Tarča. My intention was not known to practically nobody. “ wrote Gale, claiming he was constantly pointing out irregularities. On Facebook, meanwhile, he added that he primarily wanted to meet with the Prime Minister of the Republic to meet him “with threats from Minister Počivalško about his intention to dismiss the then director Zakrajšek”.

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Ivan Gale claims to have been constantly pointing out irregularities.

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The group already has 56,000 supporters.

Meanwhile, the support team of Ivan Galet has 56,000 supporters on Facebook.

According to RTV Slovenia, the Prime Minister's office reported that the Prime Minister was not aware that he wanted to contact Gale.


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