Italian zero patient is healthy! He spent 18 days in intensive care

Italy's number one patient, who was diagnosed with the new coronavirus on Feb. 20, has recovered and left the hospital. He urged people to stay home.

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“I was very lucky that they were able to greet me,” is 38 years old Mattia said in a message released by authorities in the land of Lombardy. He thanked the doctors for allowing him to return to normal life.

He urged people to stay home to stem the spread of the new coronavirus. He asked for respect for the privacy of his family. “We would like to slowly forget about this bad experience and return to a normal life,” he added.

The 38-year-old from Codogno is the first case of local transmission of a new coronavirus in Italy. The virus was confirmed on February 20th. He spent 18 days in intensive care.

It comes from the most affected Italian country of Lombardy, where 18,910 people are currently infected. Emilia-Romagna followed with 7220 infected and Veneto with 4986 still infected.

There are currently 50,418 people infected throughout Italy. So far, 63,927 people have become infected. Of these, 6077 died, 7432 recovered.


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