PHOTO: Even Klemen has a hairstyle like a troll every morning

Klemen Bunderla, presenter at Radio Aktual, has been synchronizing cartoons for ten years. This time, he lent his voice to the hero Veji in another part of the Trolls.

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Bunderla looks like his troll Veja this morning.

“This is the most cute, cute, lucky cartoon music of the year. Trolls are like the figurines that mullahs had in the 90's. Also, I actually have a similar hairstyle every morning (laughs). The branch is ultimately less frowned upon than in the first part, and it may fall in love with it, “ he said in a laugh Klemen, who is also excited about the sync director, Jernej Kuntner. “Oh, how fun he is,” said the radio.


He acknowledged that synchronization was also a physical effort. “After three hours you are very upset. If a character has an unnatural voice, they are very sore throat and vocal cords. Nodules on the spokes are also very common in the case of excessive stress. I am currently working on the character Yode in the cartoon series Clone Wars. Even though I adore Star Wars and the character Yoda, imitating this Jedi makes me very tired, “ the leader concluded.


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