Proposal for non-smokers to rest longer in Serbian parliament?

The Renewal Movement of the Kingdom of Serbia (POKS) has announced it will propose to Parliament amendments to the Labor Code, which will allow non-smoking workers to allow more days of annual leave than prescribed, modeled on companies in the United Kingdom and Japan.

According to a statement, POKS President Zika Gojkovic said that non-smokers should be rewarded extra because “when all cigarette breaks are calculated, non-smokers work six days more than smokers during the year.”

“Some companies in Japan and the United Kingdom have seen this and given non-smokers four to six days of vacation more. Experience has shown that it has had great effects, as non-smokers have been rewarded with this measure of increased productivity, and a certain percentage of smokers have stopped this bad habit because more days are more important to them, “Gojkovic said in a written statement.

He added that the practice has existed for years in these two monarchies, and that it has become a popular incentive measure throughout the world.

They calculated how long the break breaks lasted and rewarded NON-SMOKERS with a longer break

Source: Beta

Photo: Pixabay


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