The good news in these difficult times: Kris is finally home!

Kris Zudich, a boy from the Coast born with spinal muscular atrophy, has returned to the United States today. Transport was made by private jet Bombardier Global Express, which landed at Jože Pučnik Airport at 8 am. There were four crew members and three members of the Zudich family on the plane, according to the Palcica Pomagalcica Society.



Chris returned to Slovenia.

Last year, the Dwarf Society is a Helper and a charity dwarf for healing Krisa raised nearly four million euros in the country's largest humanitarian campaign. The money provided the boy, who was born with a rare genetic disease, type one spinal muscular atrophy, treatment at a UCLA clinic in Los Angeles and a zolgensma drug application.

The continued course of treatment in the US has been halted by the worldwide pandemic of the new coronavirus, which has created a situation in which further US stay for Chris could be threatening. He has not had any physical therapies and examinations for some time, and there are fewer and fewer devices for his care, the association explained.

The President came to the rescue

So the boy returned to Slovenia. The President assisted in organizing the transport Borut Pahorand much support was provided by the head of consular service at the foreign ministry Andrej Šter. During the summer, the entrepreneur also facilitated the funds raised by the Palčica Pomagalčica Society Miodrag Kostic and Gorenjska Banka, which made Kris' donation possible last November with a private jet in the US. The Association of Friends of Youth of Slovenia also provided assistance.

In isolating the environment

The family reports that Kris is feeling well and that being home for them during these difficult times is invaluable. On their return, they will otherwise withdraw to a strictly isolated environment.

While the results of Chris's treatment are encouraging, there has been noticeable progress in his development. According to the Helper Thumb, Kris is also a guarantee that we can achieve the impossible together, but today, this brings hope that together with the least possible consequences we can survive a pandemic.


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