To go to Beijing, the rout is all mapped out

Canceled tickets, diverted flight and quarantine in Zhengzhou. An account of the incredible journey of passengers on a Bangkok-Beijing flight, at a time when China is now concentrating on cases “imported” from abroad.

March 24, 2 hours: Bangkok airport. In the corridors, in the waiting rooms, the lines, everywhere the masks cover the mouths and noses. Chinese tourists bound for Beijing are no longer content to mask their faces. At the boarding gate of flight CA980, a traveler wears a full suit, charlotte on his head and protective glasses. Others further tinkered with plastic water cans and put them on their heads. On the counter, a poster informs that the flight will stop in Zhengzhou, a city wedged between Wuhan (home of the epidemic) and the Chinese capital. Since March 23, international flights to Beijing have been diverted to a provincial airport, before reaching the final destination. The purpose of this

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